Monday, September 10, 2012


This weekend we were watching the BBC program "The Inbetweeners" it is a show about four teenage boys in England trying and failing to get together with girls. I had seen this before on BBC America and this time I watched it via Netflix. In the Netflix version there is no censorship and the bad words are not taken out. Really? I had no idea that it was so bad to hear the word 'gash' they say that on Sons of Anarchy. Why the need to protect us from some curse words? I know we are a nation that was started by Puritans and for years we had the Hays code that wouldn't let you show a man and woman in bed together. It has messed with our sense of the past. All the Hollywood scrubbed up and squeaky clean movies made people think that no one did anything naughty before the 1960's when things changed in the movies and more nudity and swearing where shown. Now that people can portray the west, with all the prostitutes, as in Hell on Wheels, are we shocked? I suppose the deleted words where to protect young kinds that might watch this show. The funny thing about that is, kids are gross and say really horrid things to each other. The worst things I have ever heard about sex, or private parts were things I heard other kids say in the years of 11 to 13. That is the grades 6 to 8. You just have to wonder what they are worried about. There is a film out of the same characters and the same name. I figure since it is on the big screen they will let us hear curse words, it is rated R. Oh my, are we still such Puritans? They also took out a bit of lace bra that one of the girls had on, on the televised version. It was there on Netflix. I find it amusing that parents think their children are so good and that their sons never say gross and tacky things about women. More puritan beliefs? Does the rest of the world understand that teenage boys are nasty and say tacky things and just people in the US that are in denial? If you want to protect young people, you would have to take them away from each other at school. Right now, mark my words; some teenage boy at school or after school is saying something filthy to his friends. It happens and there is nothing you can do, other than train your child to leave that conversation. Which is fine, and then they will get picked on for being so chaste and not listening to bad language. Comprise, teach young boys to respect women and even if their friends say awful things about women, they are not to treat them badly. Also teach them that the boys that talk the most about girls have the least amount of knowledge. That is pointed out in the story line of this show. Why say that? If they are spending all their time with their guy friends, they have had no time to be with girls in the first place. It might help us all get some perspective.

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